Our Virtual Learning Environments

The virtual learning environments we provide use state of the art technology to enable organisations to:

  • Create powerful learner engagement in individual and group exercises using whiteboards, videos and syndicated work
  • Encourage communication and collaboration between participants using emails, notices, chat, wikis and blogs
  • Give participants access to a wealth of learning resources though the use of content management systems which can also be used to create and store new content
  • Track a participant’s progress through a learning experience and assess their achievements
  • Plan a whole curriculum of learning with lesson plans and test personalised to the organisation’s and the participants’ needs
  • Change and administer the capabilities of the VLE to measure the level of its use and effectiveness 

Benefits of our VLEs

The key benefits of our VLEs are that they:

  • Support Blended Learning
  • Engage Learners
  • Supplement and Complement Asynchronous  Offerings
  • Build a Learning Community
  • Simulate the Work Environment
  • Bring further Measurement and Learning Effectiveness within an organisation
  • Provide Cost Effective Learning Solutions to Organisations Within a Dispersed Work Force
  • Assist Organisations in Building their Brand Proposition

Off the Shelf or Customised

You can either choose to use one of our “off the shelf” VLEs or work with us to create a customised version.

The VLE is hosted on a private server.  Access to the site and to its embedded content is managed via your organisation.

Ongoing support for your VLE can be provided by us or your own IT Team trained for this purpose.

Contact us for more information on our Virtual Learning Environments