Virtual Classrooms - the New Norm

Virtual classrooms are increasing more than ever. This short video outlines the huge benefits of Virtual Classrooms as they combine the advantages of instructor lead training with the advantages of online delivery.



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An Introduction to Virtual Classrooms

The power of classroom-based instructor-led training can now be delivered to a global population of trainees as easily as having everybody in the same room.

5 Tips for Leading Today

In today's fast moving and increasingly complex world, leaders need to stand firm on 5 tips for effective leadership - what are they?

Gap Analysis in Managing Change

Identifying the current situation, the preferred future situation and the gap between the two, and knowing the key issues and questions to address.

Stakeholders and Managing Change

Managing all who have a vested interest in the outcome of a change process.

Managing Change Success Formula

How to calculate the likely success or outcome of a change.

Communication, Consultation, Collaboration in Change

Jeremy explains the 3 key contributors to successful change management.

Virtual Classrooms and Managing Change

Jeremy explains how to use virtual classrooms to manage change on a global scale.