We create whole programmes of interactive, online training solutions incorporating the use of virtual classroom sessions and online personal development resources.

Working closely with clients we use a nine step process to design customised programmes to meet their needs. (Click on a step to view details).

Agree Training Objective
Agreement and description of work-based SMART Goals for each trainee, achievement of which will meet the Training Objective.
Devise Pre and Post Training Assessment
Creation of online Knowledge and Skill Assessment Tests to be used to measure improvements as a result of the training.
Design Course Structures
Use of Instructional Design to plan training content to deliver training objectives.
Create Training Material
Creation of the most powerful online interactive training content.
Undertake Pre Training Assessment
Completion of pre-training knowledge and skills assessment test by trainees.
Deliver Training Content
Delivery of media rich, highly engaging content via virtual classrooms and online personal development resources.
Run Reinforcement Session
Four to six weeks following completion of the training session a Reinforcement Session is run to share their achievements and gain further insights for their future development.
Undertake Post Training Assessment
Post assessment knowledge and skills test completed by trainees to measure improvement in their knowledge and skills.
Provide Ongoing Performance Support
Provision of additional online personal development resources to support trainees' performance and personal development.



The process can be repeatable to ensure the continuous improvement of a programme.

The result is the creation of a holistic, integrated, customised solution to deliver measurable improvements in the organisation’s results and measureable improvements in trainees’ knowledge and skill development.