We are specialists in instructional design.

We have over 35 years experience of delivering powerful instructor led programmes to major corporates around the world.

We have leveraged the insights we have gained to design and create training content, delivered online, through highly interactive and engaging virtual classrooms.


Working closely with clients we create powerful, media rich content to deliver action-based learning using the most contemporary features of virtual classrooms (VC) platforms.

The result is a very engaging learning environment which really does produce measureable improvements in trainees' knowledge and skills.

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In all our virtual classrooms we use videos to demonstrate the use of knowledge and skills, and application in the work situation. These are short engaging video clips of the highest quality. Video clips are used to generate discussion between trainees.
Interactive Online Assessments
Our virtual classrooms contain online, real time self-assessments to enable trainees to assess their level of knowledge and skills in a given area. The assessment tools contain interpretative notes and tips for personal development.
Break Out Rooms
Break Out Rooms are the equivalent of Syndicate Groups in ILT courses. They enable trainees to work in small groups to respond to a question or share their experiences and to create a whiteboard (equivalent to flipchart) to share their ideas with the group as a whole.
Use of Video Cams for Role-Plays
By switching on their personal video cams a pair of trainees can see each other and be seen by the trainees as a group. Trainees can role-play in pairs in a virtual environment and be watched by the group as a whole for critique and discussion after the role-plays.
Whiteboard Based Discussions
Think of a whiteboard as a white screen providing a blank canvass onto which trainees can type their thoughts and ideas on a given question. It enables the quick sharing of trainees' ideas for comment on by the trainer. A really great way of engaging trainees.
Case Studies
Trainees can bring case studies to a virtual classroom session for discussion with other trainees. Just as in an ILT course the trainees can work in Break Out Rooms to discuss their ideas, create a whiteboard of their responses and share their responses with other group members.
Individual and Group Interactions
In our virtual classroom sessions individuals can participate through the medium of audio links and text chats. This enables the trainer to generate discussions using the medium preferred by trainees thus encouraging them to participate in a way which feels comfortable to them.
Trainee Workbooks and Recorded Session
In our virtual classrooms sessions, which are recorded, trainees can refresh themselves on the content using the recorded session or using a workbook of the content provided to each trainee prior to the session thus providing valuable on the job aids.
During each virtual classroom session we use polls to have trainees answer multiple questions to check their understanding of the content and to 'vote' on preferred answers to questions.
PowerPoint Slides
All our virtual classroom sessions include the use of highly engaging PowerPoint slides for use by the trainer to impart knowledge, skills, processes and valuable insights. Unlike many training webinars these are used sparingly and effectively to avoid 'death by PowerPoint'.