The Importance of Online Assessments

The use of Online Assessments is critically important in the provision of online learning and the measurement of its effectiveness.

Types of Online Assessments

  • Tests
  • Diagnostics
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Psychometrics

and other instruments designed to provide the individual learner and the organisation fresh insights into their capabilities and development needs.

These instruments can be well known and accredited or they can be simpler, less sophisticated, but still powerful indications of a person’s/team’s or larger group’s strengths, weaknesses and improvement/development needs.

In all our online learning and development programmes and activities we in crude Online Assessments .  These are designed to be completed quickly and easily and interpreted quickly and easily with or without the help of an online trainer or facilitator.


The Online Assessments are then used for a variety of purposes:

  • Individual Personal Development Planning
  • Team/Group performance improvement
  • Identification of obstacles to change or individual, team/group, corporate level
  • Improvement in internal/external communications
  • Culture change
  • Assessment of an organisation's human capital
  • Identification of future talent needs
  • Improvement in Performance Management and Talent Development Processes
  • Assessment of the organisation as a learning organisation
  • Hunger or not of the organisation to be a learning organisation
  • Input to other corporate surveys e.g. Employee Climate Surveys

If Online Learning is to ‘have teeth’ it must include Online Assessments.

Constantior’s Online Assessments

We can provide clients with both generic and customised assessments to measure:

  • Results/Outcomes
  • Behaviours/Competencies
  • Predicted Performance
  • Individual Potential
  • Personalities / Job Fit

Authors of our Online Assessments are specialists in the use of their own assessment materials or licensed to administer tests created by other accredited organisations.

We advise clients on the best tests to use and how to use them in an Online Learning Environment.

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